When it comes to dishwashing, don't you deserve a standard that gives you amazing shine, clarity and brilliance?

Finish QUANTUM combines the power of three separate ingredients in one single product:

  • Powerball technology for outstanding cleaning results
  • Powder with salt function for an extreme clean
  • Gel with rinse aid function for amazing shine

With our revolutionary product design Finish QUANTUM is wrapper free. Its 3 chambers combine to give you great cleaning every time you use your dishwasher. You deserve flawless results and amazing shine on all your dishes every time!

Finish QUANTUM – The Diamond Standard.

The Quantum Difference:

  • Amazing shine
  • Removes even tough stains like baked-on and dried-on food
  • No need to unwrap
  • Recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers

Lemon variant also available.

Finish Powerball Quantum