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When it comes to dishwashing, we’re constantly striving to give you the best results possible


We’re the #1 recommended dishwasher brand worldwide and have been at the forefront of automatic dishwashing for over 60 years.

Our range of Finish products are recommended by major dishwasher manufacturers as well as tableware and cookware manufacturers. 

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Finish is the worlds's leading brand for automatic dishwashing products

Our History

Finish is the global market leader in dishwashing products and has a long history of industry firsts.

Established in 1953, Finish has been specialising in automatic dishwashing products for over 60 years.

Finish was first with a biological powder in 1969 and first with a dual layer tablet in 1995. 

1999 saw the introduction of the now famous red Powerball soon followed by the first three-chamber molded capsule.

Finish is now sold in over 40 countries across the globe

Major markets include USA, Canada, UK, Italy and Germany, with a growing presence in developing Automatic dishwashing countries as well as the Middle East, South Africa and Japan.

Finish is recommended by major dishwasher and tableware manufacturers:

AEG, Kelvinator, Whirlpool, DefyBosch, SMEG, Siemens, Gaggenau, Samsung