Mug Stains: Cleaning Off Coffee Rings

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Legend has it that over a thousand years ago, Ethiopian farmers observed that their goats became extra energetic and playful after ingesting a specific type of red berry. This led to them trying it themselves and, inside this very berry, was the coffee bean that we’re so familiar with today. Coffee was originally eaten rather than brewed and drank as we do today.

Coffee is a stimulating and tasty drink that can be enjoyed a number of different ways, and it has several great benefits that we all can enjoy. In some countries coffee is drip brewed slowly and enjoyed with lots of milk and flavoured syrups. In other areas of the world, it’s unusual to see coffee served in any other form than very strong, black and with heaps and heaps of sugar. Hot or cold, sweet or bitter, with foam, milk or black, coffee in all its forms is a regular go-to drink as part of most people’s lives.

Mugged off

For all of its benefits coffee has one major downside when it comes to keeping your dishes clean: unsightly dark rings on your cups and mugs, and requires the best dishwasher detergent to loosen these stains.  There are several ways that these rings and stains can be avoided. The most obvious and effective way to avoid these rings is for you to drink your beverage relatively quickly, not allowing it to cool, and when you’re done, rinsing out the mug briefly before putting it in the dishwasher immediately. Of course, this isn’t always possible, since part of the charm of coffee is that it’s best enjoyed while piping hot and consumed at a relaxing, slow pace.

Having milk in your coffee, or indeed switching to a weaker coffee brew, won’t be as likely to leave a noticeable stain in the mug or cup when compared to a strong, dark coffee. Again, this isn’t always an ideal option, since everyone’s taste in coffee is as individual to them as a fingerprint.

Most Finish products are designed with particularly tough stains in mind, however Finish Quantum has been proven to be particularly effective against stains like tea and coffee.

Coffee and tea evaporate in a way slightly different to other liquids, leaving highly concentrated stains in smaller areas, this means that detergents have to work harder, and in much smaller areas, just to remove these stains. Finish is incredibly efficient at breaking down these coffee stains, and works very fast to ensure you get a perfect clean for the best dishwasher detergent.

If the stain has dried on for a very long time, or you’re finding those stains exceptionally difficult to shift, then one way of tackling these, is to fill your stained mugs with boiling water, then add in a few tablespoons of Finish Power Powder. If you leave your mugs overnight for the cleanser to tackle the stains, then thoroughly rinse them out the next morning, you should be delighted to find that those stubborn rings have gone for good.