What do the Experts recommend?

Whilst we had the experts together, we couldn’t resist asking them for their tips & advice on getting the very best out of our dishwashers.

Dr Lisa Ackerly explains the benefits of using Finish dishwasher cleaner as part of a good household hygiene regime.

 FINISH:  I always wipe down worktops and thoroughly clean my kitchen but, do I really need to clean my dishwasher?

 LISA: Absolutely! Running a dishwasher cleaner through your machine once a month removes the grease and residues that can build up in the hidden parts of your machine and give it a really through clean. After all, if your dishwasher isn’t clean, then how can you be sure that you dishwasher is clean!

 Allan Mansfield explains how to use Finish dishwasher cleaner to keep your dishwasher clean and smelling clean.


FINISH: How do you recommend that people take care of their dishwashers at home?

ALLAN: People don’t realise, things that clean for you need to be cleaned. I recommend that people run dishwasher cleaner through their machines once a month. This prevents the build-up of food residue. You can really smell the difference!

 Jessica Green gives us tips and hints for saving time on washing up by using Finish rinse aid

 FINISH: What is the most important thing that you have learned from managing a busy London restaurant?

JESSICA: Presentation and time management are key! Nobody wants to drink out of glasses covered in spots and smears and nobody has the time to polish and dry everything that comes out of the dishwasher. It’s the same at home, that’s why I recommend using Finish Rinse Aid it helps save time and makes sure that I can wow my friends with dry, sparky glasses straight from the dishwasher.

 Richard Halliday, design director at Dartington Crystal explains the how to using Finish rinse aid can ensure that glasses always look their best. Dartington Crystal recommends Finish.

FINISH: At Dartington Crystal, how do you keep your glasses looking absolutely tip top?

RICHARD: At Dartington Crystal we recommend using Finish Rinse aid, we have seen the great results it delivers. It helps keep our glasses looking bright and shiny straight out of the dishwasher.

 Karl Ulrich, a technical engineer from Bosch, explains how to get the best results in even the very toughest conditions using Finish Booster. Bosch recommends Finish.

FINISH: Lots of people put pots, pans and plastic boxes into the dishwasher. How can they ensure that they get the best results?

KARL: You need an effective dishwasher partnered with a high-performing detergent like Finish - the two go hand in hand. Using Finish Booster can enhance the detergents performance helping to remove grease from pans. It also enhances the drying results of items like sandwich boxes by helping water droplets to run straight off the surfaces…