What do the Experts recommend?

Everybody knows that to get great results from their dishwasher they need a brilliant dishwashing detergent, like Finish. What less people know is that to get the very best results, they also need Finish additives like rinse aid, dishwasher cleaner, dishwasher freshener and Booster.

With this in mind, Finish met with leading experts from around the country to get tips and hints on getting the best results from our dishwashers.

Dr Lisa Ackerley, Hygiene Expert

When it comes to household hygiene, Dr Lisa Ackerley is a world renowned expert. Lisa explained why using a dishwasher is much more hygienic that washing by hand and how good cleaning standards apply equally to your dishwasher*. She told us how important it is to clean your dishwasher at least once a month, to clear away any grease and grime. As she put it ‘if your dishwasher isn’t clean, then how can you be sure that your dishes are clean?'

Jessica Green, Restaurant Manager

Jessica Green, a restaurant manager from London was keen to pass on the tips she learned managing a busy kitchen. She explained how, simply using Finish Rinse Aid at home, she could ensure that everything comes out of the dishwasher dry, smear free and ready to go onto the dining room table.

Allan Mansfield, Dishwasher Service Engineer

Allan Mansfield has been repairing dishwashers for over 15 years and knows just about everything there is to know about keeping dishwashers in good working order. He explained how 1kg of greasy residues passes through a dishwasher every month and why it is important to regularly clean your dishwasher. Allan really summed it up for us when he exclaimed that, ‘things that clean for you, need to be cleaned!’.

Richard Halliday, Design Director at Dartington Crystal

Richard Halliday is the design director at leading glassware manufacturer Dartington Crystal. He is passionate about glassware looking perfect! He showed us his elegant Dartington wine glasses, demonstrating how Finish rinse aid is vital to ensure they always shine and gleam with perfection.

Karl Ulrich, Technical Engineer at Bosch

Karl Ulrich is a technical engineer from leading appliance manufacturer Bosch. He explained how Finish Supercharge Booster helps remove tough grease from pots and pans and how it can even ensure plastic containers come out of the dishwasher drop-free and ready to use.

* Dishwashing Study Hygiene Audit Systems Ltd May 2012

What do the Experts recommend?