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Finish Saves Water

We can protect South Africa's water together

What is the risk?

South Africa receives an annual rainfall of 492 millimetres whereas the rest of the earth receives 985 millimetres, meaning we only get half of the world’s average.


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Water Availability per Person in selected countries

How is Finish making a difference?

In partnership with WWF, Finish will be donating up to R1.5 million to aid WWF’s Strategic Water Source Programmes which aim to protect South Africa’s key water catchment areas using activities that include:

Strategic water source areas of South Africa map

Know your water

Save on average 57 litres of water when you stop handwashing and wastefully rinsing your dishes

Watering your garden when the sun is down can save up to 100 litres each day

Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save up to 9 litres




If you pre-rinse your dishes before putting them into your dishwasher, on average it will waste 36 liters of water during the process. This is why Finish developed their dishwashing powerball to ensure that you do not have to pre-rinse your dishes before packing them into your dish washer.