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Sparkling dishes

Finish dishwasher tablets. Best for sparkling dishes.

According to experts, finish dishwashing tablets offer the best all-round dishwasher tablet on the market. Find out why

Do you have enough spare time to put the market’s leading dishwashing detergents through their paces? Or would you rather focus on the roast chicken aroma wafting in from the kitchen?
Well, we can’t speak to the latter, but we can certainly offer our opinion, and backed-up facts, on clean and sparkling dishes!

First things first.

All brands of dishwasher tablets entice you with similar promises. Look at any brand’s website, or their packaging instore, and they’ll all tell you, in shiny starbursts, that they’re more than a match for the dirtiest of dishes, that they will vanquish the toughest stains, and that they will give your pans, cutlery, and crockery a glimmering gleam.

Yet, buyer beware! Only the best dishwasher tablets actually do what they promise, and, indeed, some are more hassle than they're worth. If you’ve ever had to put your greasy pots, gravy-encrusted cutlery, and lipstick-smeared glasses in for a second run, you’ll know that the brand you’re using isn’t up to the task.

So why, as you read this article, should you believe that Finish dishwasher tablets are the best? In fact, given everyone’s similar claims, we’re the first to agree that scepticism is warranted.

What we’re going to do in this article is lay out our claims and promises that you’ll find on our local website. But, and here’s the rub, what we’re also going to do is compare these claims to well-known, impartial, and independent reviews from around the world.

You might say that we’re going to put our money, or sparkling wine glasses, where our mouth is.

Let’s first take a look at what Finish claims their dishwasher tablets will do.

Finish Quantum All In One tackles whatever you throw at it,” Finish claims confidently. “The Powerball turbocharges the tablet to tackle the toughest stains first time for a clean and shine head and shoulders above the rest.”

They also tell us that, with Finish, rinsing dishes before you load them into the dishwasher is a thing of the past.

To get technical, and for those in the know, Finish Quantum All In One contain both bleach and enzymes to fight tough stains like tea and coffee, as well as break down proteins and starches. You just have to scrape the larger pieces into the bin and load your dishwasher. Voila!

So those are the claims. Let’s see if the experts agree. put all contenders to the test in their head-to-head Best Dishwasher Tablets 2022.
What they found out is that Finish offers the best all-round dishwasher tablet on the market. Yes, they’re slightly more expensive, but when those little tablets were put to the test against loads of dishes, cutlery, plates, and glasses from a greasy roast dinner (think David vs Goliath) Expert Reviews couldn’t fault the results. Their exact words were, “No matter how hard we tried to find a lingering stain, we couldn’t.” tell us that Finish was created in 1953 (big ups on experience) and that Finish dishwasher tablets comes in different scents, including original and lemon.

So, what accolades did Finish Quantum All In One, after delivering excellent results and sparkling streak- and spot-free dishes, achieve?

Exactly the same: Best Overall Detergent for tackling baked-on food and hard water with an economical waste-free design.

Good Housekeeping, and that’s what it’s all about, tells us that Finish is a top-performing detergent tablet, powerful enough to eradicate even tough-to-remove messes like burned-on cheese. ran their own tests and awarded 1st place (and we assume a gold ribbon) to Finish, with an expert rating of almost 80%. Pro by name, pro by nature, they said, Finish stormed its way through every stain in the test, beating every other brand they reviewed. 

The, those good folk who give expert advice on creating the home you've always wanted, told internet browsers that Finish Quantum All In One was their favourite.

But what about the dishwasher manufacturers themselves?

German-brand Bosch (and we all know Germans are sticklers for superior performance) exclusively recommends and uses Finish dishwasher tablets, saying they include a pre-soaking agent, rinse aid, and detergent for a thorough clean.

And the people that use them at home?

A reviewer on Amazon says that, after trying Finish, she will never (and we repeat ‘never’) go back to other brands again. “These things are amazing,” she said, “Delivering dishes that have less water spots and a more clear appearance.”

We could go on, but though our world is consumed by making the world’s best dishwashing tablets, we understand that you have more important things to do: like enjoying the delicious food that was in those pans and on those plates in the first place!