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Hosting a party

The Do’s and Don’ts of hosting a party and cleaning up. Like a boss.

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Be the host with the most! Be the envy of the neighbours! Know how to host the perfect party, picnic, girl’s night, dinner, cocktail evening, and more. Best of all, know that hosting a party can be even more fun because we have your back with the clean up!

We’ve put together a few hosting tips and tricks that will help guide you through your big do. We’ll share some pointers on things you can do to prepare as well as things you can do to clean up. The rest we’ll leave to you. After all, you don’t need our help to have fun!

  • Just do it.

The slogan that has sold millions of running shoes is the best advice to someone hosting a party. Your house might not be perfect. There may not be enough chairs. The handle on your guest lavatory is a bit jiggly. Whatever excuse you may find to postpone the fun, laughter, eating, and drinking, remember that life’s too short, so get started on the guest list.

  • Set the scene.

Lights, décor, action. There are no take-two’s so be sure to set the right mood for your party. Don’t kill the atmosphere with overhead lights. Don’t make it too dark you can’t socialise either. Be smart with your décor budget. It’s better value to have one good tiki bar at your Hawaiian-themed party than a thousand grass table skirts!

  • Don’t run out of drinks.

A no-brainer this one. Hosting a party means having too much rather than too little. And what the guests don’t imbibe, all the more for you later!

  • Plan a midnight snack.

There will come a time when people get peckish again, and what’s a party without munchies? It’s also a great way to soak up the booze. From croquette lollipops to sexy sliders, it’s all on the table, and if it’s time for the party to end, hand out some stocked take-out boxes.

Now here’s a few hosting tips to keep things clean and tidy.

Trust us. We are the world’s #1 brand in Automatic Dish Washing category* and, with over 60 years of keeping dinnerware as sparkling as the best conversations, we know a thing or two on this score.

  • Make a clean start.

Whip your kitchen into shape before your guests arrive. Take out the trash, and put fresh liners in your bins with newspaper at the bottom to soak up liquids. Pack any pots and pans you used preparing appetisers into the dishwasher, use a superior dishwasher detergent, like Finish Quantum All In One, and empty it. Voila! Now your kitchen looks good for guests, and you’ve tackled half the clean-up before kick-off.

  • It’s less-mess foods all the way.

Don’t be stuck in the kitchen with multi-course meals. It’ll steal your time with the guests plus create piles of dishes. Serve bite-sized, grab-as-you-go foods you can prepare beforehand. That way people can pop them into their mouths and continue to mingle.

  • Set yourself up for success.

Make it easy for people to stash their dirty dishes in one spot by discretely placing an empty tray on a small table. Put away decor that’s hard to clean, like light-coloured rugs or pillows that show grease stains. Place coasters on tables for people’s drinks and make room for their plates.

⦁ Keep guests wrangled.

Think a herd of (beautiful, interesting, and vibrant) cattle. Don't let the party spread all over your house, otherwise you'll be hunting down half-empty wine glasses and dirty dishes until the actual cows come home. Keep doors locked and spaces blocked off decoratively to stop company from wandering.

  • Don't clean too much during the party.

Did you know that cleaning up while guests are there makes them uncomfortable? Yep, it’s true. And besides, it’s your party, you should be the one having the most fun of all! Hire help or enlist the aid of your kids or spouse to keep things from getting too messy.

  • Great party, doll. Now focus on the essentials!

Don’t disappear into the kitchen until all of your guests have left. Once they do, though, get to it. You’ll be less inspired to clean up after an hour’s telly. Use plastic bags to store leftovers instead of hunting for containers and matching lids. Put on a first load of plates and utensils into the dishwasher, and scape off and stack the others that you can do in the morning.

Do all that, and not only have you just thrown a great party, but you’ve also made final clean-up even easier in the morning. How’s that for Hosting Tips 101?


* Finish brand is #1 global value sales in Automatic Dish Washing category (source: NielsenIQ RMS data).